Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


SES Positions That Were Career Reserved During 2001

AGENCY: Office of Personnel Management.
ACTION: Notice.
SUMMARY: As required by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, this gives notice of all positions in the Senior Executive Service (SES) that were career reserved during 2001.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Nancy Gauthier, Office of Executive Resources Management, (202) 606-1125.

Below is a list of titles of SES positions that were career reserved at any time during calendar year 2001, regardless of whether those positions were career reserved on December 31, 2001. Section 3132(b)(4) of title 5, United States Code, requires that the head of each agency publish such list by March 1 of the following year. OPM is publishing a consolidated list for all agencies.

Office of Personnel Management. Kay Coles James, Director. Positions That Were Career Reserved During Calendar Year 2001 Agency organization Career reserved positions Advisory Council on Historic Preservation: Ofc of the Exec Director Executive Director. Special Assistant. Department of Agriculture: Office of the Chief Information Officer Deputy Chief Information Officer. Associate Deputy Director, NTIC. Office of the Chief Financial Officer Deputy Chief Financial Officer. Project Manager. National Finance Center Director, Applications Systems Division Dir, INFO Resources Management Division. Director, Financial Services Division. Dir. Thrift Savings Plan Division. Deputy Director. Office of the Inspector General Asst Inspector General for Investigations. Dep Asst Inspector General for Investigation. Asst Inspector General for Audit. Dep Assistant Inspector General for Audit. Dep Asst Inspector General for Audit. Asst Inspector Gen for Pol Dev Res Mgmt. Dep Asst Insp Gen for Invest Immediate Office. Deputy Inspector General. Office of the Chief Economist Dir Ofc of Risk Assessment Cost-Benefit Anl. Chairperson. Dir Global Change Program Office. Director, Office of Energy Policy and New Uses. Office of Operations Director Office of Operations. Procurement and Property Management Director, Procurement and Property Management. Office of Outreach Director, USDA Program Outreach Division. Rural Housing Service Controller. Director Centralized Servicing Center. Rural Business Service Deputy Administrator for Business Programs. Agricultural Marketing Service Deputy Administrator, Fruit Vegetable Programs. Deputy Administrator, Dairy Programs. Deputy Administrator, Livestock Seed Programs. Deputy Administrator, Tobacco Programs. Deputy Administrator, Compliance and Analysis. Deputy Administrator, Cotton Programs. Deputy Administrator, Science and Technology Programs. Deputy Administrator, Transportation Marketing Programs. Deputy Administrator, Poultry Programs. Grain Inspection, Packers Stockyards Administration Dir Field Management Division. Animal Plant Health Inspection Service Deputy Administrator for Marketing Regulatory Programs-Business Services. Assoc Dep Administrator for Mgt. Budget. Deputy Administrator, Animal Care. Director, Center for Plant Health Science Technology. Assistant Deputy Administrator for Emergency Programs, Plant Protection Quarantine. Associate Deputy Administrator, Wildlife Services APHIS International Organization Coordinator. Veterinary Services Director, South Eastern Region, Veterinary Services. Director, Western Region. Director, Central Region. Director, Central Region. Deputy Administrator, Wildlife Services. Director, Animal Health Programs, Veterinary Services. Director, Center for Epidemiology Animal Health. Plant Protection Quarantine Service Dep Admr, International Services. Director, Western Region. Director, Plant Health Programs, PPQ. Director, Eastern Region. Food Safety Inspection Service Deputy Administrator, Office of Management. U.S. Coordinator for Codex Alimentarius. Assistant Deputy Administrator, Office of Management. Assistant Deputy Administrator, Ofc. of Policy, Prog. Dev. Eval. Assistant Deputy Administrator, Office of Management. Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Deputy Administrator. Associate Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator, District Enforcement Operations. Director, Technical Service Center, Office of Field Operations. Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator, OPPDE. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Deputy Administrator. Associate Administrator. Associate Deputy Administrator, Ofc. of Public Health Science. Assistant Deputy Administrator, District Inspection Operations. Assistant Administrator, Staff Services. Director, Enforcement Operations. Food and Nutrition Service Deputy Admin for Financial Management. Deputy Admr for Management. Deputy Administrator for Operations Mgmt. Associate Administrator. Director, Office of Analysis and Evaluation. Farm Service Agency Deputy Administrator, Poultry Programs. Deputy Administrator, Transportation Marketing Programs. Deputy Administrator, Science Technology Programs Controller. Director Management Services Division. Director, Budget Division. Deputy Administrator for Farm Loan Programs. Director, Financial Management Division. Foreign Agricultural Service Dir, Grain, Feed Div. Assistant Deputy Administrator Management. Director, Cotton, Oilseeds, Tobacco and Seeds Division. Risk Management Agency Deputy Administrator for Research Development. Deputy Administrator for Insurance Services Division. Agricultural Research Service Asst Administrator for Technology Transfer. Assistant Administrator for Genetic Resources. Dep Admin for Admin Financial Mgmt. Director, Office of Pest Management Policy. Director, National Animal Disease Center. Associate Administrator, Special Interagency Programs. Issues Manager. Associate Deputy Administrator. National Program Staff Office Deputy Administrator National Program Staff. Assoc Deputy Administrator for Animal PPVS. Assoc Dep Admin for Natural Resources SAS. Associate Deputy Administrator for Crop Production, Product Value, and Safety. Beltsville Area Office Director Beltsville Area Office. Assoc Dir Beltsville Area. Dir U.S. National Arboretum. Dir Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Ctr. Director Plant Sciences Institute. Dir Livestock Poultry Sciences Institute. Dir Natural Resources Institute. North Atlantic Area Office Director, Eastern Regl Research Center. Assoc Dir, North Atlantic Area. Director, Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Director, North Atlantic Area. South Atlantic Area Office Associate Dir South Atlantic Area. Director, South Atlantic Area. Dir, Center for Medical A V Entomology. Midwest Area Office Dir Midwest Area. Assoc Dir, Midwest Area. Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer. Dir Natl Ctr for Agri Utilization. Midsouth Area Office Dir, Southern Regional Res Center, New Orleans. Director, Mid-South Area. Associate Director, Mid South Area. Southern Plains Area Office Director Southern Plains Area. Assoc Dir, Southern Plains Area. Northern Plains Area Office Director, Northern Plains Area. Associate Director, Northern Plains Area Ofc. Director, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center. Pacific West Area Office Director, Western Regional Research Center. Dir, Western Human Nutrition Research Center. Director, Pacific West Area Office. Associate Director, Pacific West Area Office. Dir, Western Cotton Research Laboratory. Cooperative State Research, Education Extension Service Deputy Administrator Partnerships. Special Asst to the Administrator, CSREES. Deputy Administrator, Economic and Community Systems. Director, Office of Extramural Programs. Economic Research Service Admr, Economic Research Service. Associate Administrator—Economic RSCH SVC. Dir, Natural Res Environment Divison. Director, Information Services Division. Budget Coordinator and Strategic Planner. Dir Food Consumer Economics Divison. Director, Market and Trade Economics Division. National Agricultural Statistics Service Admr, National Agricultural Statistics Serv. Deputy Administrator for Field Operations. Associate Administrator. Deputy Administrator for Programs Products. Director, Statistics Division. Director, Research Development Division. Director, Census Survey Division. Director, Information Technology Division. Associate Deputy Administrator (Western U.S.). Associate Deputy Administrator (Eastern U.S.). Natural Resources Conservation Service Director Engineering Division. Dir Ecological Sciences and Technology Division. Asst Dep Admin (Admin Mgt). Dir, Soils (Soil Scientist). Deputy Administrator Director, Strategic Planning Division. Director, Operations Management and Oversight. Regional Conservationist—South Central. Regional Conservationist—Midwest Region. Dir Conservation Operations Divison. Dep Chief for Mgmt Strategic Planning. Director. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Assistant Deputy Administrator. Asst Deputy Administrator. Director. Senior Soil Scientist. Natural Resources Manager. Special Asst to the Chief (Program Manager). Deputy Chief for Strategic Planning and Accountability. Director, Resource Conservation Community Development Division. Director, Resource Inventory Division. Director, Animal Husbandry and Clean Water Programs Division. Associate Deputy Chief for Programs, Air, Water Soil Director, Resource Assessment Division. Associate Deputy Chief for Programs (Animal Husbandry). Director, Resource Economics Social Sciences Division. Regional Conservationist—Northern Plains. Special Assistant to the Chief. Forest Service Associate Deputy Chief—Business Operations. Director, Fire and Aviation Staff. Deputy Chief, Office of Finance (CFO). Deputy Chief, Business Operations. Chief Operating Officer. Director, Financial Management Staff. Research Director, Vegetation Management Protection Research Staff. Director, Resource Valuation and Use Research Staff. Director, Wildlife, Fish Watershed Research Staff. Director, Science Policy, Planning, and Information Staff. National Forest System Dir, Range Management Staff. Director, Forest Management Staff. Director, Engineering Staff. Director, Lands Staff. Director, Ecosystem Management Coordination. Director, Wildlife, Fish and Rare Plants. Director, Minerals Geology Management Staff. Director, Watershed Air Management Staff. Director, Recreation, Heritage Wilderness Research Staff. State Private Forestry Director, Cooperative Forestry. Director, Forest Health Protection. Field Units NE Area Director, State Private Forestry. Station Director, North Eastern Forest Experiment Station (Newtown Square). Director, North Central Forest Experiment Station (St. Paul). Dir, Pacific Northwest Forest Range Experiment Station (Portland). Director, Pacific Southwest Forest Range Experiment Sta (Vallejo). Director Rocky Mtn Forest Range Experiment State (Ft. Collins). Director, Southern Research Station (Asheville). Director, Forest Products Laboratory (Madison). Dep Regional Forester, Pacific Northwest Region (Portland). International Forest System Dir International Institute of Tropical Forest (Rio Piedras). National Program Staff Office Assoc Dep Admr. North Atlantic Area Office Director, North Atlantic Area. South Atlantic Area Office Supervisory Research Geneticist. Southern Plains Area Office Dir, Subtropical Agricultural Res Laboratory. Pacific West Area Office Supervisory Soil Scientist. Cooperative State Res Education, Extension Service Deputy Admin for Rural, Economic Social Dev. Deputy Admini Communication Tech Distance Edu. Natural Resources Conservation Service Director, Resource Economics Social Sciences Division. American Battle Monuments Commission: Office of Executive Director Executive Director. Broadcasting Board of Governors: International Broadcasting Bureau Dir Engineering and Technical Operations. Deputy for Engineering Resource Control. Deputy for Network Operations. Department of Commerce: Department of Commerce Deputy Director for Financial Services/Deputy CFO. Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. Deputy Chief Financial Officer/Direct of Budget. Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. Deputy Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. Chief Information Officer. Deputy Director for Financial Policy. Chief Information Officer Director for High Performance Computing and Communciations. Chf Standard Reference Materials Program. Office of the Secretary Director, Office of Information Policy, Planning and Review. Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration Director for Y2K Outreach. Deputy Director, Office of Budget. Deputy Chief Information Officer. Director for Administrative Services. Office of the General Counsel Asst General Counsel for Finance Litigation. Director, Office of Executive Support. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration Deputy Director for Security. Director for Human Resources Management Director for Human Resources Management. Dep Dir of Human Resources Management. Director for Financial Management Dir for Financial Management and Deputy Chief Financial Officer. Office of Budget Mgmt Info Chief Information Offcr Director, Office of Budget. Chief Information Officer. Director for Executive Budgeting Assistance Mgmt Dir for Federal Asst Management Support. Office of Security and Administrative Services Director, Office of Security. Director, Office of Acquisition Management. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration Director for Technology Management. Deputy Assistant Secretary and Director for Security. Office of Inspector General Asst Inspect Genrl for Compliance Admin.
Asst Inspector General for Syst Evaluation. Office of Counsel to the Inspector General Counsel to the Inspector General. Office of Inspections and Program Evaluation Assistant Inspector General for Inspections and Program Evaluation. Office of Audits Assistant Inspector General for Auditing. Office of Investigations Asst Inspector General for Investigations. Economics and Statistics Administration Director, Stat-USA. Bureau of the Census Assistant Director for Marketing and Customer Liaison. Chief, Human Resource Division. Office of the Director Assoc Dir for Field Operations. Chief Decennial Sys Contracts Magnt Office. Principal Assoc Dire and Chief Financial Offc. Principal Associate Director for Programs. Special Advisor to the Deputy Director. Chief, Policy Strategic Planning Division. Assistant to the Director. Administrative and Customer Services Division Chief Admin Customer Services Division. Associate Director for Information Technology Assistant to the Director for Information Technology. Assoc Dir for Information Technology. Data Preparation Division Chief National Processing Center. Associate Director for Economic Programs Associate Director for Economic Programs. Assistant Director for Economic Programs. Economic Planning and Coordination Division Chf, Economic Planning Coordination Div. Economic Statistical Methods and Programming Division Chf, Economic Statistical M P Division. Agriculture and Financial Statistics Division Chief Company Statistics Division. Services Division Chief Service Sector Statistics Division. Foreign Trade Division Chf, Foreign Trade Div. Governments Division Chf, Government Div. Manufacturing and Construction Division Chf, Manufacturing Construction Division. Associate Director for Decennial Census Associate Director for Decennial Census. Asst to the Assoc Dir for Decennial Census. Assistant Director for Decennial Census. Decennial Management Division Chief Decennial Management Division. Geography Division Chf, Geography Div. Decennial Statistical Studies Division Chief, Decennial Statistical Studies Div. Associate Director for Demographic Programs Associate Dir for Demographic Progs Chf, Population Div. Chief Demographic Surveys Division. Housing Household Economic Statistics Division Chf, Housing Household Econ Statistics Div. Demographic Statistical Methods Division Chief, Statistical Methods Division. Associate Director for Methodology Standards Chief, Planning, Research, and Evaluation Division. Assoc Dir for Methodology Standards. Statistical Research Division Chief Statistical Research Division. Bureau of Economic Analysis Associate of Economic Analysis. Office of the Director Director. Dep Dir, Bur of Economic Analysis. Chief Economist. Chf Statistician. Associate Director for Management and Chief Administrative Officer. Associate Director for Regional Economics Assoc Dir for Regional Economics. Associate Director for International Economics Assoc Dir for International Economics. Assoc Director for Natl Income, E W Accounts Assoc Dir for Natl Inc, Exp, Wealth Accounts. Chf, Natl Income Wealth Div. Chief International Investment Division. Chief, Computer Systems and Services Division. Director of Administration Director of Administration. Office of the Asst Secretary for Export Enforcement Deputy Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement. Director Office of Export Enforcement. Office of the Asst Secretary for Economic Development Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Office (CFO/CAO). International Trade Administration Director, Office of Environmental Technologies Industries. Office of the Under Secretary Chief, Financial Officer Director of Admin. Office of the Director of Administration Human Resources Manager. Office of Consumer Goods Director Office of Consumer Goods. Das for Market Access and Compliance Dir Trade Compliance Center. Market Access and Compliance Director, Office of Eastern Europe, Russia, and Independent States. Director, Office of Multilateral Affairs. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Agreement Compliance Associate Director for Management. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Chief Financial Officer/Chief Admin Officer. Dir Staff Ofc for International Programs. Director, Office of Operations, Management and Information. Office of International Affairs Chief Financial Officer/Admin Officer. Office of Finance and Administration Director, Budget Office. Director, Major Projects Office. Dir for Human Resources Management. Dir, Finance Office/Comptroller (FO/Compt). Office of High Performance Computing and Communications Director for High Performance Computing and Communications. Systems Acquisition Office Chief Information Officer and Information Technology Acquisition Manager. Office of Assistant Administrator Ocean Serv and CZM Senior Ocean Policy Advisor. National Ocean Service Associate Assistant Administrator for Management and Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer. Director, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and Scientist for NOS. Deputy Director, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. Dir, Office of National Geodetic Survey (NGS). Strategic Environmental Assessments Division Chf, Strategic Environmental Assessments Div. Coastal Monitoring and Bioeffects Assessment Division Chief Coastal Monitoring Bioeffects Asses Div. Hazardous Materials Response and Assessment Division Chf, Hazardous Materials R A Division. Office of the Assistant Administrator for Weather Services Senior Advisor. Director, Strategic Planning and Policy Office. Office of the Chief Information Officer Chief Information Officer. Management and Budget Officer Dep Chf Fin Ofc Chief Adm Officer. Office—Fed Coordinator—Meteorology Dir, Ofc of the Fed Coord for Meteorology. Office of Hydrologic Development Director, Office of Hydrologic Development. Hydrologic Operations Division Chief, Hydrologic Operations Division. Hydrology Laboratory Director, Hydrology Laboratory. Office of Science and Technology Chief, Programs and Plans Division. Director, Office of Science and Technology. Meteorological Development Laboratory Director, Meteorological Development Laboratory. Systems Engineering Center Director, Systems Engineering Center. Office of Operational Systems Director, Office of Operational Systems. Field Systems Operations Center Director, Field Systems Operation Center. Telecommunications Operations Center Chief Telecommunications Operations Center. Maintenance, Logistics, and Acquisition Division Chief, Maintenance, Logistics, and Acquisition Division. Radar Operations Center Dir, Nexrad Operational Support Facility. National Data Buoy Center Director, National Data Buoy Center. Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services Director, Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services. Chief, Meteorological Services Division. Eastern Region Dir Eastern Region NWS. Southern Region Dir Southern Region, Ft Worth. Central Region Director Central Region. Western Region Dir, Salt Lake City Region. Alaska Region Dir. Alaska Region, Anchorage. National Centers for Environmental Prediction Dir Nat'l Severe Storms Lab. Dir Natl Ctr for Environmental Prediction. Director, Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) and Deputy Director for Science. Director, Aviation Weather Center. NCEP Central Operations Director, Central Operations. Hydrometeorological Prediction Center Chf, Meteorological Operations Division. Climate Prediction Center Dir Climate Prediction Ctr (CPC). Storm Prediction Center Director, Storm Prediction Center. Tropical Prediction Center Dir Tropical Prediction Ctr Natl Hurricane Ct. National Marine Fisheries Service Dir Seafood Inspection Program. Director Office of Sustainable Fisheries. Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs. Director, Office of Habitat Protection. Office of Fisheries Conservation and Management Chief Intergovernmental Recreational FM. Office of Protected Resources Dir Ofc of Science Technology. Northeast Fisheries Science Center Science Research Dir Northeast Region. Southeast Fisheries Science Center Science Research Dir. Northwest Fisheries Science Center Science Research Dir. Southwest Fisheries Science Center Science Research Dir Southwest Region. Alaska Fisheries Science Center Science Research Director. Office of asst Administrator Satellite, Data Info Serv Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer. Sr Sci for Environ Satel, D I Serv (NESDIS). Director NPOESS Integrated Program Systems Program Director. National Climatic Data Center Director, National Climatic Data Center. National Oceanographic Data Center Dir, Natl Oceanographic Data Center. National Geophysical Data Center Dir, Natl Geophysical Data Center. Office of Systems Development Director, Requirements, Planning and System Integration Division. Dir Ofc of Sys Development. Ofc of Asst Administrator, Ocean Atmospheric Research Program Director for Weather Research. Director, Weather and Air Quality Research. Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer. Dep Asst Admr for Extramural Research. National Sea Grant College Program Director, National Sea Grant College Program Aeronomy Laboratory Director, Aeronomy Laboratory. Air Resources Laboratory Director Air Resources Laboratory. Atlantic Ocean and Meteorology Laboratory Dir, Atlantic Oceanographic Meteorological. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Director. Great Lake Environmental Research Laboratory Dir Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab. Pacific Marine Environmental Research Laboratory Dir Pacific Marine Environmental Lab. Space Environment Center Dir, Space Environment Laboratory. Environmental Technology Laboratory Director. Forecast Systems Laboratory Director, Forecast Systems Laboratory. Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory Dir Climate Monitoring Diagnostics Lab. Institute for Telecommunication Sciences Assoc Admr for Telecommunication Science. ITS, Systems and Networks Division Deputy Dir for Systems Networks. Patent and Trademark Office Dep Admin for Legislative International Aff. Deputy General Counsel for Intellectual Property and Solicitor. Chemical Patent Exam Groups Group Director 110. Group Director 120. Group Director—130. Group Director 150. Deputy Group Director—110. Group Director—180. Deputy Group Director 150. Office of Asst Commissioner for Patents Administrator for Search Information Res. Dep Asst Comm for Patent Process Services. Deputy Group Director—1300. Examining Group Directors Group Director. Group Director. Group Director. Group Director. Group Director. Patent Examining Group Director. Patent Examining Group Director. Patent Examining Group Director. Electrical Patent Exam Groups Group Director FOR260. Group Director 210. Group Director 220. Group Director—230. Group Director 240