Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 67, No. 81

Friday, April 26, 2002

Agricultural Marketing Service


Cherries (tart) grown in—

Michigan et al., 20613-20616

Grapes grown in—

California, 20607-20613

Olives grown in—

California, 20616-20618

Spearmint oil produced in Far West,

California, 20618-20624

Environmental Protection Agency


Air programs; State authority delegations:

Various States, 20652-20680

Air quality implementation plans; approval and promulgation; various States:

California, 20645-20647

South Carolina, 20647-20651


Air quality implementation plans; approval and promulgation; various States:

South Carolina, 20713-20713


Environmental statements; notice of intent:

Mississippi River and Maurepas Swamp, LA; coastal wetlands restoration project, 20764-20765

Jefferson Parish, LA; Lafitte-Marrero Waterline, 20764-20764


Scientific Counselors Board Executive Committee, 20767-20767

Science Advisory Board, 20765-20767

Pesticide registration, cancellation, etc.:

Bonide Products, Inc., et al., 20767-20771

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Electric rate and corporate regulation filings:

Celerity Energy of Colorado, LLC, et al., 20760-20762

Hydroelectric applications; correction,

Celerity Energy of Colorado, LLC, et al., 20868-20868

Indian Affairs Bureau


Electric utility power rate and service fee adjustment:

Mission Valley Power Utility, 20818-20820

Irrigation projects; operation and maintenance charges:

Rate adjustments for all facilities; annual publication proposal; comment request; correction, 20820-20821

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Applications, hearings, determinations, etc.:

Westinghouse Electric Co., 20845-20845

Surface Transportation Board


Railroad operation, acquisition, construction, etc.:

Union Pacific Railroad Co. et al., 20863-20864