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Natural Resources Conservation Service

Notice of Proposed Changes to Section IV of the Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) of the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Michigan

AGENCY: Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Michigan, U.S. Department of Agriculture.
ACTION: Notice of availability of proposed changes in Michigan NRCS FOTG, Section IV for review and comment.
SUMMARY: It is the intention of NRCS in Michigan to issue revised conservation practice standards in Section IV of the FOTG. The revised standards include:
Access Road (Ft.)560 Brush Management (Ac.)314 Clearing and Snagging (Ft.)326 Commercial Fish Ponds (Ac.)397 Conservation Cover (Ac.)327 Conservation Crop Rotation (Ac.)328 Contour Farming (Ac.)330 Contour Orchard and Other Fruit Area (Ac.)331 Contour Stripcropping (Ac.)585 Cross Wind Stripcropping (Ac.)589B Cross Wind Trap Strip--Field (Ac.)589C Cross Wind Trap Strip--Filter (Ac.)589C Deep Tillage (Ac.)324 Dike (Ft.)356 Diversion (Ft.)362 Drainage Water Management (Ac.)554 Dry Hydrant (No.)432 Field Ditch (Ft.)607 Filter Strip--Animal Waste Management (Ac.)780 Fish Pond Management (No.)399 Fish Raceway or Tank (Ft.)398 Grade Stabilization Structure (No.)410 Irrigation Pit or Regulating Reservoir (No.)552-A Irrigation Pit or Regulating Reservoir (No.)552-B Irrigation Storage Reservoir (No.)436 Irrigation System, Microirrigation (No. Ac.)441 Irrigation System, Sprinkler (No. Ac.)442 Irrigation Water Conveyance Pipeline--High-Pressure, Underground, Plastic (Ft.)430-DD Irrigation Water Conveyance Pipeline--Low-Pressure, Underground, Plastic (Ft.)430-EE Irrigation Water Management (Ac.)449 Land Reconstruction, Abandoned Mined Land (Ac.)543 Land Reconstruction, Currently Mined Land (Ac.)544 Land Smoothing (Ac.)466 Lined Waterway or Outlet (Ft.)468 Mine Shaft and Adit Closing (No.)457 Mulching (Ac.)484 Nutrient Management (Ac.)590 Obstruction Removal (Ac.)500 Open Channel (Ft.)582 Pest Management (Ac.)595 Pond Sealing or Lining--Bentonite Treatment (No.)521-C Pond Sealing or Lining--Flexible Membrane (No.)521-A Pond Sealing or Lining--Soil Dispersant (No.)521-B Pumping Plant for Water Control (No.)533 Recreation Area Improvement (Ac.)562 Residue Management, Ridge Till (Ac.)329C Residue Management, Seasonal (Ac.)344 Riparian Forest Buffer (Ac.)391 Sediment Basin (No.)350 Spring Development (No.)574 Stream Channel Stabilization (Ft.)584 Stream Crossing and Livestock Access (Ft.)728 Stripcropping, Field (Ac.)586 Structure for Water Control (No.)587 Subsurface Drain (Ft.)606 Surface Drainage, Main or Lateral (Ft.)608 Underground Outlet (Ft.)620 Waste Utilization (No. Ac.)633 Water and Sediment Control Basin (No.)638 Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment (Ft.)380 Windbreak/Shelterbelt Renovation (Ft.)650
DATES: Comments will be received for a 30-day period commencing with this date of publication.

Section 393 of the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996 states that revisions made after enactment of the law, to NRCS state technical guides used to carry out highly erodible land and wetland provisions of the law, shall be made available for public review and comment. For the next 30 days, the NRCS in Michigan will receive comments relative to the proposed changes. Following that period, a determination will be made by the NRCS in Michigan regarding disposition of those comments and a final determination of change will be made.

Dated: August 23, 2002. Ronald C. Williams, State Conservationist, E. Lansing, Michigan.