Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 68, No. 40

Friday, February 28, 2003

Coast Guard


Drawbridge operations:

Alabama, 9536-9537

Louisiana, 9535-9537

Massachusetts, 9536-9536

Organization, functions, and authority delegations:

Agency transition to Homeland Security Department; technical amendments, 9533-9535

Ports and waterways safety:

Vessels arriving in or departing from U.S. ports; notification requirements, 9537-9547


Drawbridge operations:

Florida, 9609-9611

Marine casualties and investigations:

Chemical testing following serious marine incidents, 9622-9627

Outer Continental Shelf activities:

Gulf of Mexico; safety zone, 9611-9613


Committees; establishment, renewal, termination, etc.:

Cook Inlet Regional Citizen's Advisory Committee, 9733-9734

Environmental Protection Agency


Air pollution control; new motor vehicles and engines:

Compression-ignition marine engines at or above 30 liters per cylinder; emission standards, 9745-9789

Air quality implementation plans; approval and promulgation; various States:

California, 9561-9565

West Virginia, 9559-9561

Florida, 9553-9559

North Dakota, 9565-9567


Air quality implementation plans; approval and promulgation; various States:

West Virginia, 9615-9615


Agency information collection activities; proposals, submissions, and approvals,

West Virginia, 9649-9650

Grants and cooperative agreements; availability, etc.:

National Environmental Information Exchange Network Program, 9652-9652

Pesticide registration, cancellation, etc.:

EPTC, 9655-9656

Thiram, 9656-9660

Atrazine, 9652-9655

Pesticide, food, and feed additive petitions:

E.I. du Pont de Nemours Co., 9660-9666

Federal Railroad Administration


Traffic control systems; discontinuance or modification:

Canadian National Railway, 9735-9735

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Radiation protection standards:

Solid materials disposition control; environmental issues scoping process and workshop, 9595-9602


Applications, hearings, determinations, etc.:

Nuclear Management Co., LLC, 9725-9727

Environmental statements; availability, etc.:

Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co., 9727-9727