Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 68, No. 221

Monday, November 17, 2003

Environmental Protection Agency


Reports and guidance documents; availability, etc.:

Regional haze regulations, 32767-32767

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Applications, hearings, determinations, etc.:

Colorado Interstate Gas Co., 32767-32767

Algonquin Gas Transmission Co., 32767-32767

Columbia Gas transmission Corp., 32767-32767

ANR Pipeline Co., 32767-32767

Yankee Gas Services Co., 32767-32767

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp., 32767-32767

New England Gas Co., 32767-32767

Kinder Morgan Border Pipeline, L.P., 32767-32767

El Paso Natural Gas Co., 32767-32767

Western Gas Interstate Co., 32767-32767

Dauphin Island Gathering Partners, 32767-32767

Northwest Pipeline Corp., 32767-32767

Eastern Shore Natural Gas Co., 32767-32767

CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission Co., 32767-32767

East Tennessee Natural Gas Co., 32767-32767

Western Interconnect, L.L.C., 32767-32767

Northeast Utilities Service Co., 32767-32767

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., 32767-32767

Chanaramble Power Partner LLC, 32767-32767

Northern Natural Gas Co., 32767-32767

Questar Pipeline Co., 32767-32767

Overthrust Pipeline Co., 32767-32767

Texas Gas Transmission, LLC, 32767-32767

Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P., 32767-32767

Wyoming Interstate Co., Ltd., 32767-32767

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., 32767-32767

Dominion Transmission, Inc., 32767-32767

Paiute Pipeline Co., 32767-32767

Electric rate and corporate regulation filings:

Exelon Generating Company, LLC, et al., 32767-32767

Eurus Combine Hille I, LLC, et al., 32767-32767

South Carolina Electric Gas Co. et al., 32767-32767

Environmental statements; availability, etc.:

Freeport LNG Development, L.P., 32767-32767

Center Creek Hydroelectric Project; Iron County, UT, 32767-32767

Georgia Power Co., 32767-32767

Hydroelectric applications,

Georgia Power Co., 32767-32767


Natural Gas Markets Conference, 32767-32767

Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project; Chelan, WA, 32767-32767

Practice and procedure:

Off-the-record communications, 32767-32767

Federal Highway Administration


Environmental statements; notice of intent:

Bartow County, GA, 32767-32767

Foreign-Trade Zones Board


Applications, hearings, determinations, etc.:

Arizona, 32767-32767

Land Management Bureau


Oil and gas leases:

Wyoming, 32767-32767

Survey plat filings:

Nevada, 32767-32767

Surface Transportation Board


Railroad operation, acquisition, construction, etc.:

Canadian National Railway Co. et al., 32767-32767