Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


International Watch Advisory Committee Meetings (Conference Calls)

Time and Dates for 2005:12 noon, Eastern Time, January 6, March 3, May 5, July 7, September 1, November 3.

Place:National Council on Disability, 1331 F Street, NW., Suite 850, Washington, DC.

Agency:National Council on Disability (NCD).

Status:All parts of these conference calls will be open to the public. Those interested in participating in conference calls should contact the appropriate staff member listed below. Due to limited resources, only a few telephone lines will be available for each conference call.

Agendas:Roll call, announcements, overview of accomplishments, planning, reports, new business, adjournment.

Contact Person for More Information:Joan M. Durocher, Attorney Advisor and Designated Federal Official, National Council on Disability, 1331 F Street NW., Suite 850, Washington, DC 20004; 202-272-2004 (voice), 202-272-2074 (TTY), 202-272-2022 (fax),

International Watch Advisory Committee Mission:The purpose of NCD's International Watch is to share information on international disability issues and to advise NCD on developing policy proposals that will advocate for a foreign policy that is consistent with the values and goals of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Dated: September 16, 2004. Ethel D. Briggs, Executive Director.