Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Transit Administration

49 CFR Part 605

[Docket No. FTA-99-5082]

RIN 2132-AA67

School Bus Operations; Amendment of Tripper Service Definition; Correction

AGENCY: Federal Transit Administration (FTA), DOT.
ACTION: Withdrawal of rulemaking; correction.
SUMMARY: The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) published a document in theFederal Registerof January 28, 2005, withdrawing a notice of proposed rulemaking relating to its School Bus Operations regulation. This document misidentified the Regulation Identifier Number (RIN).
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Elizabeth Martineau, 202-366-1936.

In theFederal Registerof January 28, 2005, in FR Doc. 05-1644 on page 4081, in the heading section, correct the Regulation Identifier Number (RIN) to read:

RIN 2132-AA67

Dated: January 28, 2005. Scott A. Biehl, Assistant Chief Counsel for Legislation and Rulemaking.