Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 71, No. 17

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drug Enforcement Administration


Applications, hearings, determinations, etc.:

Johnson Matthey, Inc., 4379-4380

Environmental Protection Agency


Superfund; response and remedial actions, proposed settlements, etc.:

Bountiful/Woods Cross/5th South PCE Plume NPL Site, UT, 4364-4365

Fiscal Service


Surety companies on Federal bonds; acceptable, unacceptable, etc.:

Acstar Insurance Co., 4398-4398

United Coastal Insurance Co., 4398-4398

Forest Service


Environmental statements; notice of intent:

Coconino National Forest, AZ, 4346-4348

Land Management Bureau


Oil and gas leases:

Colorado, 4375-4375

Realty actions; sales, leases, etc.:

Utah, 4375-4376

Survey plat filings:

New Mexico, 4376-4377

State Department


Antarctic Marine Living Resources Conservation Convention:

Antarctic fishing conservation measures and resolutions; U.S. obligations, 4406-4440

Culturally significant objects imported for exhibition determinations:

Amorous Intrigues and Painterly Refinement: The Art of Frans van Mieris, 4394-4394

Senior Executive Service:

Performance Review Boards; membership, 4394-4394