Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 71, No. 102

Friday, May 26, 2006

Agricultural Research Service


Patent licenses; non-exclusive, exclusive, or partially exclusive:

Britannia Mills Ltd., 30367-30367

Army Department

See Engineers Corps


Patent licenses; non-exclusive, exclusive, or partially exclusive:

Wearable tissue viability diagnostic unit, 30391-30391

Environmental Protection Agency


Superfund program:

National oil and hazardous substances contingency plan priorities list, 30356-30358


Environmental statements; availability, etc.:

Agency weekly receipts, 30399-30400

Agency comment availability, 30399-30399

Pesticide, food, and feed additive petitions:

Monsanto Co., 30400-30403

Pesticides; experimental use permits, etc.:

Monsanto Co., 30403-30404

Superfund; response and remedial actions, proposed settlements, etc.:

P & W Electric Site, TN, 30404-30405

Federal Highway Administration


Environmental statements; notice of intent:

Humboldt County, CA, 30470-30471

Land Management Bureau


Forest products sales:

Timber sales preparation, 30291-30294


Coal leases, exploration licenses, etc.:

Colorado, 30444-30444

Desert Land Entry Classification:

Idaho; termination, 30444-30444

Environmental statements; availability, etc.:

Powder River Federal Coal Production Region, WY; Maysdorf Coal lease application; public hearing, 30445-30446

Environmental statements; notice of intent:

Taos Field Office, NM; resource management plan, 30446-30447

Oil and gas leases:

Wyoming, 30447-30448

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Motor vehicle defect proceedings; petitions, etc.:

Lamb, Brad; petition denied, 30473-30474

Surface Transportation Board


Railroad operation, acquisition, construction, etc.:

BNSF Railway Co., 30475-30475

Trade Representative, Office of United States


Committees; establishment, renewal, termination, etc.:

Trade Advisory Committee on Africa, 30452-30454