Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 72, No. 98

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund


Grants and cooperative agreements; availability, etc.:

New Markets Tax Credit Program, 28766-28767

Export-Import Bank


Economic impact policy; finance applications:

Russia; hot briquetted iron plant, 28694-28694

Fish and Wildlife Service


Endangered and threatened species:

Rio Grande cutthroat trout, 28664-28665


Endangered and threatened species permit applications, determinations, etc.,

Rio Grande cutthroat trout, 28709-28710

Industry and Security Bureau


Export privileges, actions affecting:

Chen, Bill, 28674-28675

Land Management Bureau


Alaska Native claims selection:

Bering Straits Native Corp., 28710-28710

Realty actions; sales, leases, etc.:

Wyoming, 28710-28711

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Patent licenses; non-exclusive, exclusive, or partially exclusive:

Haemonetics Corp., 28678-28678

Standards in trade workshops; technical input request,

Haemonetics Corp., 28678-28679

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Environmental statements; availability, etc.:

Westinghouse Electric Corp., 28715-28716

Meetings; Sunshine Act,

Westinghouse Electric Corp., 28716-28717

Operating licenses, amendments; no significant hazards considerations; biweekly notices,

Westinghouse Electric Corp., 28717-28728

Reports and guidance documents; availability, etc.:

Operator licensing examination standards for power reactors and knowledge and abilities catalog for nuclear power plant operators; supplements, 28728-28729

Rural Utilities Service


Environmental statements; record of decision:

Highwood Generating Station, MT, 28667-28669

Grants and cooperative agreements; availability, etc.:

Revolving Fund Program, 28669-28673

State Department


International Traffic in Arms regulations:

Somalia; defense articles and defense exports; licenses or approvals policy, 28602-28603


Shrimp trawl fishing; sea turtle protection guidelines; certifications,

Somalia; defense articles and defense exports; licenses or approvals policy, 28753-28754