Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 74, No. 74

Monday, April 20, 2009

Antitrust Division


National Cooperative Research and Production Act (1993):

DVD Copy Control Association, 17985-17985

Employment and Training Administration


Termination of Investigation:

Group Dekko, Inc., Murray Plant, Murray, IA, 17991-17991

Boise Cascade LLC, White City, OR, 17991-17991

Arcelormittal Lackawanna LLC, Subsidiary of Arcelormittal USA, Blasdell, NY, 17992-17993

Oviso Manufacturing, Concord, CA, 17992-17992

Eaton Hydraulics, Greenwood, SC, 17992-17992

Fairfield Chair Co., Plant 2; Lenoir, NC, 17992-17992

Cabot Supermetals, Gilbertsville, PA, 17992-17992

Allegheny Ludlum Corp., Midland, PA, 17992-17992

CB and I Inc., Warren, PA, 17993-17993

Alcatel-Lucent, Westford, MA, 17992-17992

Acument Global Technologies, North America Business Unit, Ring Screw, LLC, Fenton, MI, et al., 17991-17991

Hewlett Packard Caribe, Bv, LLC, Aguadilla, PR, 17991-17991

Richland Manufacturing, a Subsidiary of Eagle Wings Industries, Inc., Olney, IL, 17995-17995

Auto Truck Transport, Portland, OR, 17995-17995

Freescale Semiconductor, Technical Support Engineering, Austin, TX, 17995-17995

SUMCO Phoenix Corp., SUMCO Southwest Corp., Subsidiary of SUMCO Corp., Phoenix, AZ, 17995-17995

Ethan Allen Operations, Inc., Case Goods Division, Andover, ME, 17995-17995

Ethan Allen Operations, Inc., Case Goods Division, Old Fort, NC, 17995-17995

Gmark Industries, McAlllen, TX, 17994-17994

Diversified Machine, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, 17993-17993

Sekisui Voltek, LLC, Coldwater, MI, 17993-17993

Masterbrand, Littlestown, PA, 17994-17994

Gerber Technology, Richardson, TX, 17993-17993

Datwyler Rubber And Plastic, Marion, SC, 17994-17994

Chrysler, LLC, Chrysler Plymouth Road Office Complex, Detroit, MI, 17994-17994

Lyon Workspace Products, Montgomery, IL, 17994-17994

Tyco Electronics Corp., Jonestown, PA, 17993-17993

ABF Freight Systems Inc., Dayton, OH, 17994-17994

Ecoquest Holding Corp., Greenville, TN, 17993-17993

Ultimizers, Inc., Boring, OR, 17994-17994

Environmental Protection Agency


Outer Continental Shelf Air Regulations Consistency Update for CA, 17934-17938


Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule State Approved Program Revision Approval:

North Dakota, 17958-17959

Federal Aviation Administration


Amendment of Class D and Class E Airspace:

Conroe, TX, 17899-17900

Amendment to Class E Airspace:

Summersville, WV, 17900-17900

Establishment of Class E Airspace:

Dallas, GA, 17900-17901

Modification of Class D and Class E Airspace, Establishment of Class E Airspace:

Binghamton, NY, 17901-17902


Establishment of VOR Federal Airway V-625:

Arizona, 17911-17912

Proposed Amendment of Class E Airspace:

Devine, TX, 17912-17914

Qualification, Service, and Use of Crewmembers and Aircraft Dispatchers; Extension of Comment Period,

Devine, TX, 17910-17911


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals,

Devine, TX, 18022-18022

Charter Renewal:

RTCA Government/Industry Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee, 18022-18031

Noise Compatibility Program:

Gulfport Biloxi International Airport, Gulfport MS: Correction, 18036-18036

Federal Highway Administration


Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.:

Kings County, NY, 18031-18032

Forest Service



Glenn/Colusa County Resource Advisory Committee, 17944-17944

Revised Land and Resource Management Plan:

Kaibab National Forest; AZ, 17947-17948

Two Special Focus Grants from National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council; Request for Proposals,

Kaibab National Forest; AZ, 17948-17948