Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 74, No. 86

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Employment and Training Administration


Investigation Terminations:

Ethan Allen Operations Inc.; Case Goods Division; Orleans, VT, 21001-21001

Egide USA, Inc., Cambridge, MD, 20999-20999

Johnson Controls, Inc., Rockwood, MI, 20999-20999

NuTech Tooling Systems, Inc., Meadville, PA, 20999-20999

Lund Boat Company, A Division Of Brunswick Corp., New York Mills, MN, 20999-20999

Core Molding Technologies, Columbus, OH, 20999-20999

Vanity Fair Brands, LP, Jackson Knitting Facility, Jackson, AL, 20998-20998

Regal Beliot Electric Motors, Inc., Lebanon, MO, 21001-21001

Chrysler LLC, Sterling Heights Assembly, Sterling Heights, MI, 21000-21001

Anderson Global, Muskegon Heights, MI, 20998-20998

Frontier Spinning Mills, Inc., Cheraw, SC, 21000-21000

Superior Fabrication Co. LLC, Kincheloe, MI, 21008-21008

Tube City IMS Inc., Ecorse, MI, 21000-21000

Sypris Technologies, Kenton, OH, 21000-21000

Dauphin Precision Tool, Millersburg, PA, 20998-20998

Du-Co Ceramics, Saxonburg, PA, 21000-21000

Biofit Engineered Products, Bowling Green, OH, 20998-20998

Mohawk Industries, Inc., Flooring Manufacturing Division, Calhoun Falls, SC, 21000-21000

Newport Precision, Inc., Newport, TN, 20998-20998

Ruud Lighting, Inc., Racine, WI, 21000-21000

Autosplice, Inc., San Diego, CA, 20999-21000

Vitec Group Communications, Clear-Com Division, Alameda, CA, 21001-21002

Century Mold Co., Inc., Shelbyville, TN, 20999-20999

Foamade Industries, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI, 21002-21002

Russell Brands, LLC, Coosa River Yarn, Wetumpka, AL, 21008-21008

Gaston County Dyeing Machine Company, Mount Holly, NC, 21001-21001

Aleris International, Lewisport, KY, 21001-21001

Muth Mirror Systems, Sheboygan, WI, 20998-20998

Zurn Industries, Erie, PA, 21001-21001

Conmed Corporation, Utica, NY, 21001-21001

General Services Administration


General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation:

Rewrite of Part 525, Foreign Acquisition, 20894-20894

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities



Arts Advisory Panel to the National Council on the Arts, 21011-21011

Protocol for Categorical Exclusions Supplementing the Council on Environmental Quality Regulations, etc.,

Arts Advisory Panel to the National Council on the Arts, 21011-21013