Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 74, No. 109

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Employment and Training Administration


Withdrawal of Certain Proposed Rules for Trade Adjustment Assistance, 27262-27263


Termination of Investigations:

Noranda Aluminum, Inc., New Madrid, MO, 27355-27355

Truseal Technologies, Barbourville, KY, 27352-27352

Ovonic Energy Products, Inc., Springboro, OH, 27355-27355

Chrysler Quality Engineering Center, Auburn Hills, MI, 27352-27352

Chrysler LLC, Warren Office Building, Warren, MI, 27353-27353

Hella Corporate Center, USA, Flora, IL, 27353-27353

Meridian Automotive Systems, Plant 5, Grand Rapids, MI, 27353-27353

True Temper Sports, Inc., Amory, MS, 27353-27353

Snorkel International, Inc., Elwood, KS, 27353-27353

Circor Energy, Oklahoma City, OK, 27355-27355

Stand By Screw Machine, Inc., Berea, OH, 27352-27353

Home Fashion International, Taylorsville, NC, 27355-27356

Sierra Pacific Industries, Camino Division, Camino, CA; Sierra Pacific Industries, Sonora Division, Sonora, CA; Sierra Pacific Industries, Quincy Division, Quincy, CA, 27356-27356

Maggy London International, Ltd., Production Department, New York, NY, 27356-27356

Boise Cascade, LLC, Elgin, OR, 27352-27352

Duro Textiles, LLC, Fall River, MA, 27355-27355

C W Industries, Inc., Malden, MA, 27352-27352

Solar World, Vancouver, WA, 27352-27352

MAG Automation and Controls, Machesney Park, IL, 27352-27352

Stimson Lumber Co., Clatskaine, OR, 27355-27355

Precise Engineering, Lowell, MI, 27354-27355

Sypris Technologies, Marion, OH, 27354-27354

Horizon Hobby, Inc., Ontario, CA, 27354-27354

Steelcase, Inc., Kellwood, MI; Steelcase University, Grand Rapids, MI; Steelcase, Inc., Caledonia, MI, 27354-27354

Manitowoc Tool and Machine, LLC, Manitowoc, WI, 27354-27354

Wesley Hall Furniture, Inc., Hickory, NC, 27354-27354

BU Professional Luminaries NA, Burlington, MA, 27354-27354

Watry Industries, Inc., Sheboygan, WI, 27353-27353

Baker Furniture, Hickory, NC, 27355-27355

Seel Tool and Die, St. Marys, PA, 27351-27352

Small Business Administration


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:

America's Recovery Capital (Business Stabilization) Loan Program, 27243-27248


Administrator's Line of Succession Designation, No. 1-A, Revision 30,

America's Recovery Capital (Business Stabilization) Loan Program, 27358-27358

Disaster Declarations:

West Virginia, 27358-27358