Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 74, No. 140

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Environmental Protection Agency


Implementation of the New Source Review (NSR) Program for Particulate Matter Less Than 2.5 Micrometers (PM2.5):

Proposal to Extend Administrative Stay, 32767-32767

Waste Energy Recovery Registry,

Proposal to Extend Administrative Stay, 32767-32767


Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule State Authorized Program Revision Approval:

Tennessee, 32767-32767

North Carolina, 32767-32767

Receipt of Several Pesticide Petitions Filed for Residues of Pesticide Chemicals in or on Various Commodities; Correction,

Tennessee, 32767-32767

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Petition for Exemption from the Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard:

Mercedes-Benz, 32767-32767

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Operating Licenses, Amendments; No Significant Hazards Considerations:

Luminant Generation Co., LLC, 32767-32767

State Department


Culturally Significant Object Imported for Exhibition Determinations:

The Moon: Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed, 32767-32767