Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


40 CFR Part 300

[EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0575, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0576, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0577, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0585, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0580, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0581, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0582, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0583, EPA-HQ-SFUND-2008-0083, FRL-8790-1]

RIN 2050-AD75

National Priorities List, Final Rule No. 46


In rule document E9-7825 beginning on page 16126 in the issue of Thursday, April 9, 2009 make the following correction:

Appendix B to Part 300 [Corrected]

On page 16134, in Appendix B to Part 300, the table entitledTABLE 1—GENERAL SUPERFUND SECTIONhas been corrected to read as follows:

Table 1—General Superfund Section State Site name City/county Notesa ******* FL Arkla Terra Property Thonotosassa. ******* FL Raleigh Street Dump Tampa. ******* IN U.S. Smelter and Lead Refinery, Inc East Chicago. ******* OH Behr Dayton Thermal System VOC Plume Dayton. ******* OH New Carlisle Landfill New Carlisle.
******* PA BoRit Asbetos Ambler. ******* SC Barite Hill/Nevada Goldfields McCormick. ******* TX Attebury Grain Storage Facility Happy. *******