Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 75, No. 20

Monday, February 1, 2010

Air Force Department


Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.:

Beddown of Training F-35A Aircraft; Correction, 5060-5060

Employment and Training Administration


Affirmative Determination Regarding Application for Reconsideration:

AK Steel Corp., 5145-5145

Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility to Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance:

Thyssenkupp Crankshaft Co., LLC, 5145-5146

Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility to Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance:

Acushnet Co., 5147-5148

Hewlett Packard Co., 5146-5146

Corning, Inc., 5147-5147

Tempel Steel Co., 5146-5147

Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance, 5147-5147

Investigations Regarding Certifications of Eligibility to Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance,

Tempel Steel Co., 5148-5151

Negative Determination on Reconsideration:

General Electric Co., 5151-5152

Revised Determination on Reconsideration:

Ancor Specialities, 5152-5152

Federal Aviation Administration


Certification of Aircraft and Airmen for the Operation of Light Sport Aircraft:

Modifications to Rules for Sport Pilots and Flight Instructors With a Sport Pilot Rating, 5204-5223


Establishment of Class D and E Airspace:

Panama City, FL, 5007-5009


Waiver of Aeronautical Land-Use Assurance:

Indianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis, IN, 5173-5176

Federal Communications Commission


Local Number Portability Porting Interval and Validation Requirements:

Telephone Number Portability, 5013-5015

Television Broadcasting Services:

Oklahoma City, OK, 5015-5015

International Trade Commission


Institution of a Five-Year Review Concerning the Antidumping Duty Order:

Tissue Paper from China, 5115-5118

Possible Modifications to the International Harmonized System Nomenclature,

Tissue Paper from China, 5118-5119