Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 76, No. 65

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Antitrust Division


Proposed Final Judgments, Stipulations and Competitive Impact Statements:

United States et al. v. Dean Foods Co., 18783-18796

Pursuant to National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993:

IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc., 18797-18797

Employee Benefits Security Administration


Actuarial Information on Form 5500 Annual Return/Report for Pension Plans Electing Funding Alternatives:

Technical Revisions, 18649-18650

Employment and Training Administration


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals:

National Agricultural Workers Survey, 18798-18798

Environmental Protection Agency


Approvals and Promulgations of Implementation Plans and Designations of Areas for Air Quality Planning Purposes:

Rome, GA; Determination of Attaining Data for 1997 Annual Fine Particulate Standard, 18650-18651



Local Government Advisory Committees Small Community Advisory Subcommittee, 18757-18757

Project Waivers of Section 1605 (Buy American Requirement) of 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:

Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority, Bayonne, NJ, 18757-18759

Federal Communications Commission


Draft Environmental Notice Requirements and Interim Procedures Affecting Antenna Structure Registration Program:

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Invites Comments, 18679-18684


Improving Communications Services for Native Nations,

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Invites Comments, 18759-18761

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals, 18743-18744

Applications for Amendment of License and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and Protests:

Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC, 18744-18745

Appalachian Power Co., 18745-18746

Union Electric Co., dba AmerenUE, 18746-18747

Applications for Partial Transfer of License, and Soliciting Comments and Motions To Intervene:

Teton Power Funding, LLC; Topsham Hydro Partners Limited Partnership, et al., 18747-18747


National Fuel Gas Supply Corp., 18749-18750

Gulf South Pipeline Co., LP, 18748-18749

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., 18747-18748

Baseline Filings:

Humble Gas Pipeline Co.; Cobra Pipeline Ltd., 18750-18750

Changes in Docket Numbers:

Ocean Renewable Power Co., LLC, 18750-18751

Environmental Assessments; Availability, etc.:

National Fuel Gas Supply Corp.; Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., 18751-18753


American Midstream (Louisiana Intrastate), LLC, 18753-18753

Jefferson Island Storage and Hub, L.L.C., 18753-18754

City of Springfield, Illinois, City Water, Light and Power, 18753-18753

Memorandums of Understanding; Availability:

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service To Promote Conservation of Migratory Birds, 18754-18754

Motions for Extension of Rate Case Filing Deadline:

J-W Pipeline Co., 18754-18754

Onsite Environmental Reviews:

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.; Dominion Transmission, Inc., 18754-18755

Preliminary Permit Applications Accepted for Filing and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, etc.:

Lock Hydro Friends Fund LII, 18755-18755

Lock Hydro Friends Fund LI, 18755-18756

Kahawai Power 5, LLC, 18756-18756

Requests Under Blanket Authorization:

El Paso Natural Gas Co., 18756-18757

Federal Maritime Commission


Orders of Investigations and Hearings:

Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd., 18761-18762

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


Qualifications of Drivers; Exemption Applications:

Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders, 18822-18823

Qualifications of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Vision,

Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders, 18824-18826

Requests For Nominations:

Unified Carrier Registration Plan Board of Directors, 18826-18827

Federal Trade Commission


Analyses of Proposed Consent Orders To Aid Public Comment:

Google, Inc., 18762-18765

Housing and Urban Development Department


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals:

Public Housing Financial Management Template, 18772-18773

International Trade Commission


Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Investigations and Scheduling of Preliminary Phase Investigations:

Certain Steel Wheels From China, 18781-18782


Frozen Warmwater Shrimp From Brazil; China; India; Thailand; and Vietnam, 18782-18782