Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Federal Register

Vol. 76, No. 159

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals:

User Fee Regulations, 32767-32767

Pest Risk Analysis for Importation of Shredded Lettuce from Egypt; Availability,

User Fee Regulations, 32767-32767

Federal Aviation Administration


Airworthiness Directives:

M7 Aerospace LP Airplanes, 32767-32767


Petitions for Exemption; Summaries of Petitions Received,

M7 Aerospace LP Airplanes, 32767-32767

Release of Federally Obligated Property at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia,

M7 Aerospace LP Airplanes, 32767-32767

Federal Communications Commission


Universal Service Lifeline/Link Up Reform and Modernization Proceeding:

Further Inquiry into Four Issues, 32767-32767

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


Applications for Amendments of Licenses:

PPL Montana, LLC, 32767-32767

Idaho Power Co., 32767-32767


ANR Pipeline Co., 32767-32767

Combined Filings,

ANR Pipeline Co., 32767-32767

Competing Preliminary Permit Applications:

Percheron Power, LLC; FFP Project 85, LLC, 32767-32767

Environmental Assessments; Availability, etc.:

Juneau Hydropower, Inc., 32767-32767

Initial Market-Based Rate Filings Including Requests for Blanket Section 204 Authorizations:

Richland-Stryker Generation LLC, 32767-32767

Preliminary Permit Applications:

Percheron Power, LLC, 32767-32767

Goat Lake Hydro, Inc., 32767-32767

Gay and Robinson, Inc., 32767-32767

Proposed Restricted Service List for Programmatic Agreement:

Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC, 32767-32767

Requests under Blanket Authorizations:

National Fuel Gas Supply Corp., 32767-32767

Transfers of Exemptions:

Fand B Wood Corp. to Milltown Hydroelectric LLC, 32767-32767

Foreign Assets Control Office


Persons Whose Property and Interests in Property are Blocked Pursuant to Executive Order 13581:

Additional Identifying Information, 32767-32767

International Trade Administration


Antidumping Duty Investigations; Postponements of Preliminary Determinations:

Certain Steel Wheels from People's Republic of China, 32767-32767

Antidumping Duty Orders; Affirmative Final Determinations of Circumventions:

Certain Cut-to-Length Carbon Steel Plate from People's Republic of China, 32767-32767

Applications for Duty-Free Entry of Scientific Instruments,

Certain Cut-to-Length Carbon Steel Plate from People's Republic of China, 32767-32767

Changed Circumstances Reviews; Initiations and Preliminary Results, etc.:

Certain Lined Paper Products from People's Republic of China, 32767-32767


Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee, 32767-32767

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Atomic Safety and Licensing Boards; Establishments:

Florida Power and Light Co., 32767-32767

Small Business Administration


Disaster Declarations:

North Dakota; Amendment 5, 32767-32767

Exemptions Sought under Section 312 of Small Business Investment Act, Conflicts of Interest:

Emergence Capital Partners SBIC, L.P.; License No. 09/79-0454, 32767-32767