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Federal Aviation Administration

Notice of Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Approvals and Disapprovals

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.
ACTION: Monthly Notice of PFC Approvals and Disapprovals. In July 2011, there were two applications approved. This notice also includes information on two applications, approved in June 2011, inadvertently left off the June 2011 notice. Additionally, three approved amendments to previously approved applications are listed.
SUMMARY: Public Agency:Dubuque Regional Airport Commission, Dubuque, Iowa.

Application Number:11-11-C-00-DBQ.

Application Type:Impose and use a PFC.

PFC Level:$4.50.

Total PFC Revenue Approved in this Decision:$5,307,445.

Earliest Charge Effective Date:August 1, 2011.

Estimated Charge Expiration Date:February 1, 2033.

Class of Air Carriers Not Required To Collect PFC's:None.

Brief Description of Projects Approved for Collection and Use:

Construct terminal--design.Construct terminal--construct.Construct terminal--utility improvements.Construct terminal--passenger terminal building.Construct terminal--aircraft apron.Construct terminal--landside facilities.Construct terminal--airport service road.

Brief Description of Disapproved Project:

Runway 13/31 parallel taxiway.

Determination:The FAA's records showed that this project had previously been approved for collection of PFC revenue in decision 06-08-C-00-DBQ and for use of PFC revenue in decision 09-10-U-00-DBQ.

Decision Date:June 17, 2011.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Alex Erskine, Detroit Airports District Office, (734) 229-2927.
Amendments to PFC Approvals Amendment No., city, state Amendment approved date Original
  • approved net PFC revenue
  • Amended approved net PFC revenue Original estimated charge exp. date Amended estimated charge exp. date
    07-10-C-03-DSM Des Moines, IA 06/29/11 $9,175,000 $9,547,773 08/01/17 08/01/17 01-04-C-01-MBS Freeland, MI 07/11/11 1,999,052 566,875 07/01/06 07/01/06 06-09-C-02-JAX Jacksonville, FL 07/20/11 231,806,084 234,003,597 10/01/23 02/01/24
    Issued in Washington, DC on August 30, 2011. Joe Hebert, Manager, Financial Analysis and Passenger Facility Charge Branch.