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[Release No. 34-66459; File No. 600-11]

Self-Regulatory Organizations; Pacific Clearing Corporation; Order Cancelling Clearing Agency Registration

On December 1, 1975, pursuant to Sections 17A(b) and 19(a)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ("Act")1 and Rule 17Ab2-1 thereunder,2 the Securities and Exchange Commission ("Commission") approved on a temporary basis the application for registration as a clearing agency filed by the Pacific Clearing Corporation ("PCC").3 By subsequent orders, the Commission extended PCC's temporary registration.4 On September 23, 1983, pursuant to Section 17A and Rule 17Ab2-1 thereunder,5 the Commission approved on a permanent basis PCC's registration as a clearing agency.6

PCC was a subsidiary of PCX Equities, Inc. ("PCXE") (now NYSE Arca Equities, Inc.), which was a wholly owned subsidiary of the PacificExchange, Inc. ("PCX")7 (now NYSE Arca, Inc. ["NYSE Arca"]).8 Prior to the transaction described below, PCC offered various clearance and settlement services, such as trade recording for PCX-listed and over-the-counter securities transactions, trade comparison, continuous net settlement, and book-entry depository services.9

II. Cancellation of PCC's Registration as a Clearing Agency

In an April 2005 Letter, PCX stated that on or about April 15, 1987, it had "transferred substantially all of its principal settlement and clearance activities to the National Security [sic] Clearing Corporation (`NSCC')."10 PCX further stated that on September 13, 2003, the PCX Board of Governors and PCXE Board of Directors voted to take all necessary steps to dissolve PCC.11 Finally, PCX represented, among other things, that pursuant to Rule 17a-1,12 PCX would retain at least one copy of all documents, including all correspondence, memoranda, papers, books, notices, accounts, and other such records of PCC in PCX's or PCXE's possession for at least 5 years from the date of dissolution of PCC.13

Section 19(a)(3) of the Act14 provides that in the event any self-regulatory organization is no longer in existence or has ceased to do business in the capacity specified in its application for registration, "the Commission, by order, shall cancel its registration."

Based upon the representations and undertakings made by PCX to the Commission and because PCC is no longer in existence and has ceased to do business in the capacity specified in its registration application, the Commission is canceling its registration effective February 24, 2012.

It is therefore orderedthat:

Effective February 24, 2012, based on the facts and representations noted above, PCC's registration as a clearing agency under Section 17A of the Exchange Act and Rule 17Ab2-1 thereunder is cancelled.

By the Commission.
Kevin M. O'Neill, Deputy Secretary.
ACTION: 1415 U.S.C. 78s(a)(3).