Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Foreign-Trade Zones Board

[Order No. 1849]

Approval for Manufacturing AuthorityForeign-Trade Zone 72,Brevini Wind USA, Inc.,(Wind Turbine Gear Boxes),Yorktown, IN

Whereas,the Indianapolis Airport Authority, grantee of Foreign-Trade Zone 72, has requested manufacturing authority on behalf of Brevini Wind USA, Inc., within FTZ 72 in Yorktown, Indiana (FTZ Docket 54-2011, filed 8-11-2011);

Whereas,notice inviting public comment has been given in theFederal Register(76 FR 51349-51350, 8-18-2011) and the application has been processed pursuant to the FTZ Act and the Board's regulations; and,

Whereas,the Board adopts the findings and recommendations of the examiner's report, and finds that the requirements of the FTZ Act and Board's regulations are satisfied, and that the proposal is in the public interest;

Now, therefore,the Board hereby orders:

The application for manufacturing authority under zone procedures within FTZ 72 on behalf of Brevini Wind USA, Inc., as described in the application andFederal Registernotice, is approved, subject to the FTZ Act and the Board's regulations, including Section 400.13.

Andrew McGilvray, Executive Secretary.