Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Labor-Management Relations Information Collection Requests

AGENCY: Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.
ACTION: Submission for OMB Review: Request for Comments.
SUMMARY: (2) Evaluates the accuracy of the agency's estimates of the burden of the proposed collection information;

(3) Enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the information to be collected; and

(4) Minimize the burden of the collections of information on those who are to respond, including the use of appropriate automated, electronic collection technologies or other forms of information technology.

Burden:FMCS receives approximately 21,000 responses to the form Notice to Mediation Agencies (OMB No. 3076-004).

Affected Entities:Private sector employers and labor unions involved in interstate commerce that file notices for mediation services to the FMCS and state, local and territorial agencies.

DATES: Comments must be submitted on or before October 15, 2012.
ADDRESSES: Submit written comments to: include the FMCS form number, the information collection title, and the OMB control number in the subject line of the message. Comments may also be sent to fax number 202.395.5806 to the attention of Desk Officer for FMCS.

For additional information, see the related 60-day notice published in theFederal Registerat Vol. 77 No. 38062 on June 26, 2012.

Dated: September 10, 2012. Jeannette Walters-Marquez, Attorney Advisor.