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Drug Enforcement Administration

[Docket No. 12-31]

Cleveland J. Enmon, Jr., M.D.; Decision and Order

On April 26, 2012, Administrative Law Judge Gail A. Randall (ALJ) issued the attached recommended decision. Neither party filed exceptions to the decision.

Having reviewed the entire record in this matter, I have decided to adopt the ALJ's recommended rulings, findings of fact,1 conclusions of law, and recommended order. Accordingly, I will order that Respondent's registration be revoked and that his pending application to renew and modify his registration be denied.


Pursuant to the authority vested in me by 21 U.S.C. 823(f) and 824(a), as well as 28 CFR 0.100(b), I order that DEA Certificate of Registration No. BE9655284, issued to Cleveland J. Enmon, Jr., M.D., be, and it hereby is, revoked. I further order that the pending application of Cleveland J. Enmon, Jr., M.D., to renew and modify his registration, be, and it hereby is, denied. This Order is effective immediately.2

Dated: August 31, 2012. Michele M. Leonhart, Administrator.
ACTION: 2For the same reasons that I concluded that Respondent's conduct posed an imminent danger to public health and safety and warranted the Immediate Suspension of his registration, I conclude that the public interest necessitates that this Order be effective immediately. 21 CFR 1316.67.