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Notice of Applications for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessityand Foreign Air Carrier Permits Filed Under Subpart B (Formerly Subpart Q)During the Week Ending October 6, 2012

The following Applications forCertificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Foreign Air CarrierPermits were filed under Subpart B (formerly Subpart Q) of the Departmentof Transportation's Procedural Regulations (See 14 CFR 301.201et seq.).The due date for Answers, Conforming Applications, or Motions to ModifyScope are set forth below for each application. Following the Answer periodDOT may process the application by expedited procedures. Such proceduresmay consist of the adoption of a show-cause order, a tentative order, or inappropriate cases a final order without further proceedings.

Docket Number:DOT-OST-2012-0164.

Date Filed:October 1, 2012.

Due Date for Answers, Conforming Applications, or Motion to Modify Scope:October 22, 2012.

Description:Application of K5-Aviation GmbH requesting an exemption and a foreign aircarrier permit authorizing K5-Aviation to engage in: (i) Foreign charter air transportationof persons, property, and mail from any point or points behind any Member State of theEuropean Union, via any point or points in any EU Member State and via intermediatepoints, to any point or points in the United States and beyond; (ii) foreign charter airtransportation of persons, property, and mail between any point or points in the UnitedStates and any point or points in any member of the European Common Aviation Area;(iii) foreign charter air transportation of cargo between any point or points in the UnitedStates and any other point or points; (iv) other charters pursuant to the prior approvalrequirements set forth in the Department's regulations governing charters; and(v) charter transportation authorized by any additional route rights made available toEuropean Union carriers in the future, to the extent permitted by the Applicant'shomeland license on file with the Department.

Renee V. Wright, Program Manager, Docket Operations, Federal Register Liaison.