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Bureau of Land Management


Notice of Filing of Plats of Survey; Arizona

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.
ACTION: Notice of filing of plats of survey; Arizona.
SUMMARY: The plats of survey of the described lands were officially filed in the Arizona State Office, Bureau of Land Management, Phoenix, Arizona, on dates indicated.

The San Bernardino Meridian, Arizona

The plat representing the dependent resurvey of a portion of the subdivisional lines, the subdivision of section 28, a metes-and-bounds survey in section 28, and the survey of a portion of the Meanders of the Present Left Bank of the Colorado River in section 28, Township 16 South, Range 22 East, accepted October 18, 2012, and officially filed October 22, 2012, for Group 1113, Arizona.

This plat was prepared at the request of the Bureau of Land Management. A person or party who wishes to protest against any of these surveys must file a written protest with the Arizona State Director, Bureau of Land Management, stating that they wish to protest.

A statement of reasons for a protest may be filed with the notice of protest to the State Director, or the statement of reasons must be filed with the State Director within thirty (30) days after the protest is filed.


These plats will be available for inspection in the Arizona State Office, Bureau of Land Management, One North Central Avenue, Suite 800, Phoenix, Arizona 85004-4427. Persons who use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339 to contact the above individual during normal business hours. The FIRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to leave a message or question with the above individual. You will receive a reply during normal business hours.

Stephen K. Hansen, Chief Cadastral Surveyor of Arizona.