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Department of the Army

Army Education Advisory Committee Study Meeting

AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD.
ACTION: Notice of open meeting.
SUMMARY: Name of Committee:Army Education Advisory Committee (AEAC).

Date(s) of Meeting:November 15, 2012.

Time(s) of Meeting:1530-1630.

Location:TRADOC HQ, 950 Jefferson Ave, Building 950, Conference Room 2047, 2rd Floor, Ft Eustis, VA.

Purpose:Adopt the findings and recommendations for the following study:

Essential Proficiencies and Professional Development Plan for Facilitators.

Proposed Agenda:Thursday 15 November 2012: 1530-1630--the study results forEssential Proficiencies and Professional Development Plan for Facilitatorsstudy are presented to the AEAC. The AEAC will deliberate and vote upon adoption of the findings and recommendations.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Non AEAC attendee's must contact Mr. Wayne Joyner at (757) 501-5810,,before November 9, 2012 in order to attend.


Brenda S. Bowen, Army Federal Register Liaison Officer.