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[Public Notice 2012-0540]

Application for Final Commitment for a Long-Term Loan or Financial Guarantee in Excess of $100 Million; 25 Day Comment Period

AGENCY: Export-Import Bank of the United States.
ACTION: Reason for Notice:This Notice is to inform the public, in accordance with Section 3(c)(10) of the Charter of the Export-Import Bank of the United States ("Ex-Im Bank"), that Ex-Im Bank has received an application for final commitment for a long-term loan or financial guarantee in excess of $100 million (as calculated in accordance with Section 3(c)(10) of the Charter). Comments received within the comment period specified below will be presented to the Ex-Im Bank Board of Directors prior to final action on this Transaction.


Purpose and Use:Brief description of the purpose of the transaction:

To support the export of goods and design, engineering and construction services utilized in the rehabilitation and expansion of a hospital in Ghana.

Brief non-proprietary description of the anticipated use of the items being exported:

Goods and services will be utilized for the rehabilitation and expansion of a hospital in Ghana.

To the extent that Ex-Im Bank is reasonably aware, the item(s) being exported are not expected to produce exports or provide services in competition with the exportation of goods or provision of services by a United States industry.

Parties:Principal Supplier: Americaribe Inc., USA.

Obligor: Republic of Ghana acting through its Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

Guarantor: N/A.

Description of Items Being Exported:Design, engineering and construction services and related equipment for the rehabilitation and expansion of a hospital.

Information on Decision:Information on the final decision for this transaction will be available in the "Summary Minutes of Meetings of Board of Directors" on

Confidential Information:Please note that this notice does not include confidential or proprietary business information; information which, if disclosed, would violate the Trade Secrets Act; or information which would jeopardize jobs in the United States by supplying information that competitors could use to compete with companies in the United States.

DATES: Comments must be received on or before December 10, 2012 to be assured of consideration before final consideration of the transaction by the Board of Directors of Ex-Im Bank.
ADDRESSES: Comments may be submitted
Sharon A. Whitt, Agency Clearance Officer.