Daily Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of the Federal Government


Mine Safety and Health Administration

Petition for Modification

AGENCY: Mine Safety and Health Administration, Labor.
ACTION: Notice; correction.
SUMMARY: This notice amends a petition for modification published in theFederal Registeron May 23, 2012, for the Mountain Coal Company, LLC, P.O. Box 591, 5174 Highway 133, Somerset, Colorado 81434.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: George F. Triebsch, 202-693-9440.

This notice corrects the mandatory safety standard cited in the notice. The safety standard referenced in the May 23, 2012Federal Registernotice on page 30556 in the 2nd column, Docket Number M-2012-075-C, was listed as 30 CFR 75.500(d) (Permissible electric equipment). The correct mandatory safety standard is 30 CFR 75.503 (Permissible electric face equipment; maintenance).

Dated: December 4, 2012. George F. Triebsch, Director,Office of Standards, Regulations and Variances.